Last night on college gameday scoreboard Doug Gotlieb brokedown Butler's "random ball screen offense" (yeah I know, haven't watched much of them so I figured they were more a of motion or random set offense). From the clips they showed, Butler essentially runs similar sets to what we do (heavy on the pick n rolls/pops a lot of dribble penetration trying to create mismatches, ect), however their spacing is ridiculous. A lot of this is due to their personnel's shooting prowess. One clip was comical as K. St was guarding them way the $#@! out there. The K. St. guards were pinned to Butler guards standing halfway between halfcourt and the 3pt line which created a ridiculous amount of space for the rest of the squad to operate. Obviously the clips shown were chosen to suppliment Gotlieb's point, nonetheless it did prove that our offense could be run effectively with the right personnel on the court (e.g. guys with a good bball IQ and a consistent ability to knock down open jumpers).

Another thing I noticed is that Butler's bigmen used screens downlow much more effectively than we have over the last few years. And honestly it was something Barnes' teams did well early in his tenure here with Gabe, Mihm, and Owens. Our guys are ridiculously lazy and imprecise in setting picks and in setting up picks. There's just a lot of stuff we do offensively that needs to be cleaned up and those few clips of Butler essentially running our exact offense made this fact all the more apparent.